Our World-Tour Vacation


These are some photos of a trip that we took over reading week.
We did cover quite a bit of ground in a one week period...we also wanted to travel
as light as possible, so we did not take any luggage or anything extra with us. It was
quite a trip!

alcatraz.jpg (67397 bytes)

Our first stop was San Francisco, in the northern section of "the Promised Land"

bear.jpg (47304 bytes)

On our way north from San Francisco we stopped at the zoo in Eureka, California. This bear was nice enough to pose for his picture with us.

helicopter.jpg (56539 bytes)

We continued north, going as far as the north pole. Here is our picture with the helicopter we used to fly there. It was great to visit Santa and Mrs. Claus too, but they were a bit camera shy.

grand canyon.jpg (86903 bytes)

After all that cold we were ready for some warmth! The Grand Canyon was spectacular--what an amazing view!

nicktrevorpetejohn.jpg (37300 bytes)

After the Grand Canyon we went to this hotel and visited with Pete and John, some guys who were on vacation from Kansas. I am not in this picture because I had to take it, as our self-timer feature wasn't working on the camera. Trevor was so excited that he was beside himself...

monstertruck.jpg (134488 bytes)

Our day at the Monster Truck Rally was one of the highlights of the trip. It was great because we were really able to get up close.

morgannick.jpg (39703 bytes)

Morgan joined us for the Hawaii portion of our trip.

morgannickelephants.jpg (50146 bytes)

Morgan and Nick then went on to Africa for the last day of reading week. They had a great time, even though they were only there one day.