West Nile 2001 Season

What a great season it was for the West Nile! We did make it to the playoffs, but lost to "Taster's Choice" a team made up of Juniors. They have to be the most fun team that we played this season, though, so if we had to lose it was at least a fun game. 
PC080077.JPG (74353 bytes)

Team Photo

PC080078.JPG (71618 bytes)

Women of West Nile

PC080076.JPG (72595 bytes)

Women of West Nile, warmer

The West Nile is back in action! These pictures were taken at our second game--at 8AM in the rain! Some of the team is not pictured in the Team Picture--I am not sure if it was the rain or the early start time that got to them.

So far we are 2-0 for the season!

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PA060083 PA060085 PA060086 PA060088 PA060089
PA060090 PA060098 PA060099 PA060101 PA060102
PA060105 PA060107 PA060108 PA060110 PA060113