Summer Hebrew Photo Journal

This page is to give those of you who are not lucky enough to be taking Hebrew, in summer school, in New Jersey, a taste of what life has been like this summer. Go ahead, be jealous!

Our daily routine starts out with either walking to school or, if the humidity requires, early AM studying at Starbucks...

nick_starbucks.jpg (33302 bytes)

Nick, early morning studying at Starbucks

Our daily ritual of crossing the street from Starbucks back to the car,  legally

nick_jaywalk.jpg (54292 bytes)


After the 7-8:30AM studying, it is time to drive to school and go to class...

walk2class.jpg (49564 bytes)

Walking to class


summer_chapel.jpg (59654 bytes)

The quad (and chapel) in summer



"Class" consists of precept first, 8:45AM to 10AM. 

kenneth_precept.jpg (151116 bytes)

Kenneth, our fearless preceptor


precept.jpg (39884 bytes)

The best Hebrew precept


trevor_study.jpg (41215 bytes)

Trevor, studying before a big quiz..."So, you are in a soap factory..."

10 -10:45AM is chapel on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and break time Tuesday and Thursday

break.jpg (67126 bytes)

Relaxing at break

erin_throw.jpg (59660 bytes)

Erin, back long enough to throw the football at break

mark_carolyn.jpg (52777 bytes)

Mark and Carolyn playing 3 Flies Up

overall.jpg (59346 bytes)

Overall, a nice picture

flashcards.jpg (50482 bytes)

Fun with flashcards

joe_kc.jpg (55746 bytes)

Joe and KC

kenneth.jpg (54362 bytes)

Kenneth, looking cool

me.jpg (53145 bytes)

Just so there is evidence that I am actually here...

After break is over, we return to class promptly at 10:45 to begin the lecture portion of our day

in_class.jpg (44933 bytes)

Our normal seats in Hebrew

joe_teaching.jpg (30422 bytes)

Joe, teaching us Hebrew...Ya Ra

Our lectures are all in power point, so that we can review them just for fun on Friday and Saturday nights.

powerpoint.jpg (30001 bytes)

A typical power point lecture

powerpoint1.jpg (32982 bytes)

Another power point lecture

After class, sometimes we go back to precept. This day we talked Kenneth into letting us sit outside...

precept_outside2.jpg (68339 bytes)

Precept on the quad

precept_outside3.jpg (69537 bytes) steps.jpg (62256 bytes)

On the steps of Stuart

After class is over for the day we make our way to the caf for lunch at 12:15group_caf.jpg (66182 bytes)

Waiting for lunch...

Sometimes, there is free PB&J in the caf

free_today.jpg (38240 bytes)

Nick at the Bread Bar


In the afternoons we typically study at Starbucks again, but sometimes we make a run for the Borders and study there...

new_system.jpg (37423 bytes)

Trevor and "The New System"at Borders

Last Friday, after class, we decided to make a different kind of run for the Border

border.jpg (46013 bytes)

Casey, Trevor and me at On the Border for lunch and to visit our friend Margie who works there

Each night, after we are done with dinner and cleaning up, we study Hebrew some more. These are some nice self-timer shots that we took. Yes, we are geeks.

study_Hebrew.jpg (37353 bytes)

Our nightly study time

What is perhaps more pathetic is that we continued to take not one, not two, but many self-timer photos

fun_with_Hebrew.jpg (37910 bytes)

Fun with Hebrew

It is so great when it all starts to make sense.

we_get_it.jpg (36118 bytes)


Friday afternoons the Greeks and the Hebrews get out all that summer language aggression on the Ultimate Frisbee field.

frisbee_action.jpg (53258 bytes)

frisbee_cheer.jpg (65054 bytes)

The cheering section

frisbee_hebrews.jpg (58118 bytes)

The Hebrews

keeva.jpg (49374 bytes)


Ultimate Frisbee can be dangerous...

keith.jpg (48344 bytes)

Keith and his cast, after Nick took him out