Snow Pictures

The First Snow!!

falling_snow2.jpg (70447 bytes)

Snow falling at 12:30AM

falling_snow3.jpg (74036 bytes)

Same thing

snowed.jpg (62165 bytes)

Back from the D-bar?

alex_snow.jpg (103426 bytes)

Alexander Hall

bench.jpg (50237 bytes)

Bench and Miller Chapel

princeton_sign.jpg (80923 bytes)

The Seminary Entrance

trees_snow.jpg (112092 bytes)

The Quad

dominic.jpg (78013 bytes)

Dominic, putting salt on the sidewalks

salt.jpg (82746 bytes)

The salt on the sidewalks

snow_plow.jpg (73421 bytes)

Not sure why this truck has a scooper on it...

snow_quad1.jpg (88274 bytes)

The Quad

erica_snow.jpg (82031 bytes)

Erica and snow

nick_snow.jpg (83789 bytes)

Nick and snow

snow_quad3.jpg (92708 bytes)

Snow Sunrise

snow_sunrise5.jpg (106445 bytes)

Snow Sunrise

snow_sunrise.jpg (92874 bytes) snow_sunrise2.jpg (117631 bytes) snow_sunrise3.jpg (117021 bytes) snow_sunrise4.jpg (116538 bytes)
truck_snow.jpg (69305 bytes)

California Truck in first Jersey snow!

truck_snow2.jpg (78572 bytes) threesome.jpg (82185 bytes)

Does this even need a caption?

three_amigos.jpg (80601 bytes)