Prayer, Diane Bailey

Eternal God

We celebrate here today because we know that Pat's soul is in heaven with you. Your love for him and for us is everlasting; only you can turn the shadow of death into the brightness of this morning light. Help us to turn to you with believing hearts. We read in Ecclesiastics that your gift of life is for a season. There is a time to be born and a time to die. sometimes we can not understand your decisions or your timing, but we trust in you. We know, that if we believe in you, we too will have eternal life and can rejoice that we will be with Pat again one day.

Help us to remember your promises of scripture so that we may have hope and be comforted during our time of sorrow as we grieve over the loss of Pat's presence here with us on earth. We especially pray for Joyce and Erin, that they may know that you are their refuge and strength, and the stronghold of their lives, and that they may feel your presence through the loving and caring of their family and friends. Help them to know that they can call on any of us when they have a need.

Therefore, today, unto you, Almighty God, we commit the bodily ashes of our dear Pat Dunigan to the deep sea, in assurance and hope of the resurrection unto eternal life through our Lord Jesus Christ.


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