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Artwork along the Wall.







Though we could have taken
nicely paved roads on our
journey from Jericho to
Ramallah, we had Palestinians
in our buses who, had we been
checked, would not have been
allowed to travel on the "Israeli
only" roads.



After our conference
presentations in Ramallah we
were treated to a night of
Palestinian culture through
music and dance.









This young woman read
a statement about how their
dance group would continue
to peacefully resist the
Occupation through creative
expressions of resitance through
dance and music.



The Israeli checkpoint to get
in and out of Jericho, even
though Jericho is within the
West Bank, and therefore
is theoretically Palestinian


A shepherd (David?) along
the road









I especially liked the drawing
of the woman, and the
statement, but you need to
click on the larger image to
read it.







The Kalandia Checkpoint, one
of the largest military checkpoints
in the West Bank. It is not
located on a border, but rather
is between the West Bank towns
of Ramallah, Kalandia Refuge
Camp, and the Palestinian town
of ar-Ram. It is manned by
the Israeli military.





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