Krispy Kreme Adventure

(otherwise known as Campbell and Conrad's wedding in Richmond, VA)

Well, I don't have pictures of Campbell and Conrad's wedding or our lovely time at the Cracker Barrel on the way down to Richmond since I did not take the digital camera with me on the trip. We did end up eating so many Krispy Kremes over the weekend that when we got back to my apartment I had to run up and document at least that portion of the adventure.

krispygroup1.jpg (39700 bytes)

Me, Rob, and Liz, with our new hats


krispygroup.jpg (37357 bytes)

The closer up shot of us in our fancy headwear...



krispykreme.jpg (17018 bytes)

The real thing...


lahaim.jpg (40481 bytes)

Sandy and Andy got to partake of the Krispy Kreme delight