Kelley's Visit to New York

View this page at your own risk...pretty much if you are not me or Kelley (I know Mom, Kelley or me...) you might not find this page fascinating...  :-)

self1.jpg (59901 bytes)

Self portrait in the hotel

self3.jpg (63453 bytes)

Self portrait on the streets of New York

kelley_erin.JPG (64175 bytes)

In Central Park

kelley4.jpg (68275 bytes)

Kelley at Radio City

kelley3.jpg (58972 bytes)

Kelley somewhere on the streets of New York

kelle2.jpg (64012 bytes)

More Kelley in New York

erin2.jpg (59416 bytes)

In Central Park

erin1.jpg (65221 bytes)

Radio City

kelley5.jpg (68402 bytes)

More Kelley...

cpk2.jpg (52346 bytes)

CPK!! (pointing to my favorite pizza...)

cpk1.jpg (60684 bytes)

Kelley and me in front of CPK

erin_ricky2.jpg (53509 bytes)

My picture with Ricky Martin

ice_rink.jpg (71276 bytes)

Ice Skating in Central Park

bridge.jpg (70724 bytes)

View in Central Park

bridge1.jpg (57040 bytes)

Bridge in Central Park

bridge2.jpg (58197 bytes)

Bridge in Central Park