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Our group split up to
attend local churches. I
went to the Greek Orthodox
(in Arabic) service in Jericho.


This is one of the supposed
sites where Zaccheus,
"the wee little man" sat up in
the tree to see Jesus.
Old tree.


After church we were treated
to some Palestinian dancing
by the young people from the
Catholic Church in Jericho



These two women go to
the Catholic Church in
Jericho. As I passed by them,
I realized that I could
understand what they were
saying. Thinking that my
Arabic surely could not
be that good, I realized
they were speaking Spanish!
They moved to Jericho
from El Salvador, in order
to find a better life. Hmm,
not quite sure about
that choice, in hindsight...


Along the street in Jericho


More street shots of Jericho



The mountain in the background
is the Mount of Temptation,
where the Biblical story of
Satan taking Jesus while
tempting him in the wilderness
takes place. There is a
monastery on the mountain
which we visited last year, but
which is now closed because
of the lack of tourists and
lack of funds to keep it open.


Along the road from Jericho
to Jerusalem.


What's left of Olive Trees, a
main source of livelihood
for Palestinians,
cut down by the Israeli
military supposedly for
'security' reasons...
Gotta watch out for those
dangerous olive trees...


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