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After the conference we
went on a tour with ICAHD,
The Israeli Committee Against
House Demolitions.


Jeff Halper is the head of
ICAHD. The main purpose
of ICAHD is to raise
awareness among Israelis
and internationals about
the truth of the Occupation.



A view of the Mt. of Olives




New construction of Israeli
Settlements on what is supposed
to be Palestinian East Jerusalem.





A visit to where The Wall cuts
the Palestinian village of
Bethany in half.





If the Wall is for Israel's
security, argues Halper, then
why would it be within
Palestinian villages, rather
than on the border between
Israel and the West Bank?



Halper also points out that
the Wall alone is not enough,
so there has been barbed
wire and electric fencing
added. His point is that
walls do not provide security.






A Palestinian home that had
been destroyed. Palestinians
are not allowed to build without
permits, but they are not given
permits. So, if they do choose
to build, it is considered illegal
and therefore can be demolished
at any point. There is also no
notice given when a home is
to be demolished. Often Palestinians
are then charged for the
demolition of their own homes.










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