Field Ed

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My Field Ed is at Nassau Presbyterian Church, working with college students at Princeton University. I am doing my field ed with Nick, and we are working for Mark Orten, the Presbyterian Chaplain on the Princeton University campus. We are two of six interns doing Field Ed at Nassau Pres. this year.

From November 10-11 we went on our first retreat of the year, to Princeton Blairstown. It is a camp that the University owns and during the summer they host inner city youth for summer camp. We went to "retreat," to get away and be in a new place, but also to serve the camp by working on some trail maintenance for them. It was a lot of fun. 
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P9080013 Our first "official" Field Ed event was to welcome new students (and returning students) as they moved into the dorms. To do this, we grilled bacon, sausage, and Pop Tarts on a small hibachi grill, while sitting in lawn chairs, and also passed out lemonade. I do have to say if you have never had a grilled Pop Tart you are really missing out!
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