Our Third (of four) Group Take-Home Exam

(yes, this warrants its very own page and heading!)

For Summer Hebrew we have four major exams, each one consisting of a take-home portion
done together in groups, and an in-class portion done solo. It is our group's tradition to take
our take-home in my living room (you can see we have to move a lot of furniture to fit the 
folding table in the middle of the floor...) and then follow it with dinner together, along with the 
Greeks (Justin and Casey) and Joe's wife and son (Jodie and Solomon). 

groupexam1.jpg (26262 bytes)

Nick and Joe


groupexam2.jpg (28761 bytes)

Trevor and me
(notice my lovely green/olive/gold velvet couch in the background...)


groupexam4.jpg (32680 bytes)

The entire team, with a view of my kitchen in the background

groupexam3.jpg (47409 bytes)

Another team picture



This page is to give those of you who are not lucky enough to be taking Hebrew, in summer school, in New Jersey, a taste of what life has been like this summer. Go ahead, be jealous!