easter_window.jpg (62578 bytes)

The sun coming in my window on Easter morning

easter_boys.jpg (59589 bytes)

Jerry, Nick, and Matt at church

easter_girls.jpg (56909 bytes)

Noel, Kim, Janie, church

easter_choir.jpg (61896 bytes)

The choir loft at Nassau Pres.

easter_church.jpg (62477 bytes)

The Front of the church

easter_group.jpg (70052 bytes)

After church forced group picture

easter_group2.jpg (74044 bytes)

More pictures...

easter_group3.jpg (73999 bytes)

Still more pictures...

Easter Feast at Tina's

easter_cheese.jpg (42036 bytes)

Sandy's cheese tray

easter_janie.jpg (61412 bytes)

Janie making Becki and Jen's salad

easter_becki.jpg (59700 bytes)

Becki and the salad

easter_table.jpg (54213 bytes)

The group at the table


easter_devin.jpg (58191 bytes)

Devin eating chocolate and ham


devin.jpg (68336 bytes)



easter_tina_devin.jpg (71008 bytes)

Tina and Devin


easter_groupphoto.jpg (60356 bytes)

Self-timer group photo