The Drive Across Country...a Photo Journal

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Leaving Newport Beach, California, September 4, 2000

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While driving through New Mexico, yes Mom, it was safe...

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First stop with friends...visiting Carrie and Chris in Albuquerque, New Mexico

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Chris and Carrie

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Second stop with friends (in between I was in OK City at a motel...), Heather and Hakan, in St. Louis, Missouri

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You will start to see a theme with me...

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Next stop, Middlebury, Indiana...Monica took me on the 4 wheeler...quite an adventure!

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The Millers at the ice cream window...

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Next stop, Ohio, to visit family. We managed to pull off the self-timer group picture

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Grandma and me

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In Ohio I stayed with Marge and Harry, in "Erin's Room"

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I didn't take this picture in Ohio, but these yellow flowers were along most of my drive across country